The Difference Between the Gurus and Others!

The Difference Between the Gurus and Others!

22.11.2019 11:14

Always Master the Basics, focus in on the basics 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review see them play over and over in your mind. To stay focused one must erase laziness out of their life. How? Realize laziness comes from backing off from ones real goals, and returning back to filling the mind with useless thoughts that lead to nowhere. When you stay focused and follow your visions, a new source of energy and excitement will happen. When you do reach bumps in the road do not worry things will always work out. Keep following your true honest thoughts they will guide you.

Know this: I'm not afraid of the many moves he practiced once, I'm afraid of the one move he practiced 10,000 times. I will teach here the victory of a wrestler, the athlete who has to depend only on himself. As a wrestler there are basic moves one must master, Stand up - the single leg take down, master it, you must first master your stance, you must never put one foot forward in front of the other and never ever cross your feet when you are moving. Keep your feet parallel and spread your feet apart, you will develop great balance and be able to defend an attack from your opponent.

Now look at your opponents feet, legs, and hips, pay attention to his movements, focus in at his movements at the instant he puts his foot/ leg forward Shoot! Finish the move and take your opponent down, no hesitation have your next move planned out in your mind. Practice, practice, practice the timing will amaze you. Think of your move over, and over in your mind, believe in it have no doubt just know this will be accomplished! Feel the belief deep within your soul, see it, feel it, and just know it is going to happen because the visions had already played out in your mind. Never think about what your opponent might do, just know that when a body part arm/leg is available grab it to make your next move. Remember, never think what your opponent might do., just know what you are doing has already been set up in your mind. When you believe magic happens your opponent will make a move he did not plan, you have full control over your opponent.

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