They discover high toxicity in the paper used in ATMs and pos, called "thermal paper"

They discover high toxicity in the paper used in ATMs and pos, called "thermal paper"

27.11.2020 11:28

It contains Bisphenol A, a substance that can replace ink (basic principle of fax paper), a chemical that can cause diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hormonal disorders.
From Spain, some researchers have requested that laws such as those of France be applied against fax paper or pos receipts containing Bisphenol A, highly polluting and manipulated daily around the world.

This product is what makes the paper can be printed without ink, based on heat. It is used in supermarket checkouts, ATM tickets, pos receipts, and faxes, among others, and its content fades from paper with the passage of days.

When passing a fingernail over the thermal paper, that is, the one that has been embedded in that substance, it is easily scratched, just as the old carbonic paper did, thus replacing the ink.

New research shows that the "thermal paper" of these receipts, which are handled on a daily basis and which many probably now have accumulated in purses, purses, wallets, pockets, etc., at this time, can contaminate our hands with an alteration of the hormone by Bisphenol A, which can be absorbed within our body. They even contaminate the places where those tickets are kept.

The research, published in the journal PLOS ONE -which has been disseminating data on the subject for years- observed what happened to a group of women and men if they took the thermal paper receipts and then washed their hands with soap to eat potato chips. with the hands.

They found that within 90 minutes of touching these receipts, large amounts of Bisphenol A were still being found in the blood and urine of these people.

These studies show that bisphenol A can quickly get through our skin and into our bloodstream.

The reference chemical has been in use for decades and it is surprising that it has just been discovered. This is a very worrying amount of contamination, since, as previously studied, bisphenol A causes diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hormonal disorders.

In addition, Bisphenol A is used in other food containers such as polycarbonate bottles for example. Many scientists already warned about the ability to alter hormonal systems in recent conferences on food packaging.

The French government has recently proposed that the European Union (EU) should ban the use of bisphenol A in thermal paper, and the CHEM Trust has presented evidence supporting this proposal.

Spain claims it will do so, but has not announced specific dates. Governments of other countries have not even ruled on the matter.

Reference research according to PLOS ONE is also important because of the large number of companies (especially retailers) that use thermal paper. It is also important for the employees of these companies, because they will touch a large amount of this material during their workday, and they should wear gloves on a daily basis, as a minimum safety measure.

The dissemination of the study shows that "more measures are needed to deal with chemical contamination," the publication concludes.

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