#1 Best Antibacterial Flooring For Hospitals of 2020 von Elias Hudson 29.06.2020 19:12

Responsive Industries LTD provides a complete healthcare flooring solution. Complete solution for hospital flooring, laboratory flooring, hygienic flooring and vinyl flooring for operation theater. We are the only Asian producer of homogeneous vinyl flooring. With experience in over 40 countries, our flooring is a well-established choice for healthcare practitioners. Our flooring sets the benchmark for hygiene and performance standards in healthcare environments. In challenging times for hospitals, it is of paramount importance that hospital floor material is of the desired quality. With dangerous bacteria and germs being treated and studied in these spaces, the blessing of antibacterial flooring in hospitals cannot be discounted. Another key aspect of hospital vinyl flooring or healthcare flooring is that it is expected to function in areas with high traffic and high footfall. Antibacterial flooring in hospitals will also experience strong surface cleaners and disinfectants on a regular basis, which means that the hospital floor material needs to be of a robust make in order to last for a long time.

For more information visit here: responsiveindustries.com/healthcare-flooring/

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